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The creative union of a textile artist and an architect gave rise to a design project of urban character handbags and accessories, which gradually gave way to Oobuka. Although the first steps were taken in Rome (Italy), Oobuka ended up adopting “El Carmen” neighborhood in Valencia as the design workshop head office.

The production is done entirely locally, allowing us a constant monitoring throughout the process: a work shared between manufacturers, artisans and designers.

The study of shapes and their materialization, using canvas and leather as basis materials, are the starting point for the design of our products and constitute Oobuka’s foundation. However, the desire of experiment with new materials and their possible applications, leads us to produce limited edition pieces, which form part of the ongoing research.

Conceived from functionality and driven by an urban and timeless design philosophy, Oobuka’s products respond to a profile of inquiring minds looking to differentiate from trends.